New Microfiction: A Man’s Reach

This one isn’t really a story—it’s more of a joke, inspired by real-life events. While I toyed with the idea of submitting it for publication, ultimately I decided not to. I find it amusing nonetheless, so here it is, in all its sorta-microfiction glory.


“I cannot believe I just lost two hours of my life on this crap” was among the nicer  things Mike said after watching The Lost City of Z. The rest of his critique was mesmerizing, provided you appreciate vivid amalgams of beloved classic expletives. “The only good  thing about the whole movie was the quote ‘A man’s reach should exceed his grasp.’ ”

I wheeled myself across the space between our two desks and docked on Mike’s left. I reached across his lap, grasped his mouse, and clicked on Remove from Watchlist button.

Having the exact same reach and grasp is vastly underrated.

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