Candace Swallowed the Sea by Sara L. Uckelman

Candace was five when she swallowed the sea, and thirty-five when she regurgitated it back up again. It was her wedding night, and the salt water poured from her mouth all over the bed, drenching her, her husband, her hopes for the future. She turned away, not wanting to see the horror in his eyes. She put her hand to her mouth, but there was nothing she could say.

Adam’s hand on her back was insistent, until finally she looked back at him. Water streaming from his hair, his eyes like pearls, he grinned. Shark teeth glittered in his mouth.


Sara L. Uckelman is an assistant professor of logic and philosophy of language at Durham University.  She has had numerous short stories published in various journals and anthologies, the details of which you can find at She is also the co-founder of the reviews site for short speculative fiction (Twitter: @shortSFFReviews).  Personal Twitter: @SaraLUckelman.