Moving On by Rob Rangel

I’m ready to die.

They yelled at me for hours: We have all the evidence we need. It’s the chair for you. You’re a disgusting monster. Forcing your son to help? He’s only ten.

They laid out pictures of the exhumed bodies. They want a reaction, but I’m done. I’m so tired and my heart isn’t in it anymore.

My son will be fine, though. He’s been helping for years, and he’ll keep going after I’m gone. Yes, I’ve taught him everything I know. But he has a true gift. If only they knew how many things he’s taught me.

Rob Rangel grew up in Massachusetts, where his grandmother first showed him the joy of writing his own stories. When he’s not writing, he pretends to be good at accounting. He now lives in Wisconsin with his family, because cheese is amazing. Twitter: @RR_Wondering.