Oh, Starry Night by C.L. Sidell

They were simple people who lived off the land. During sunlight, they plowed soil, milked cows and goats, collected stone fruits, made cheeses. Under the stars, everyone gathered at the village center, where elders praised the benevolent gods and read from the Ancient Book.

One evening, a youth cried, “But if we show thanks, won’t we get more in return?”

“No. That’s—”

Blinded by excitement, the adolescents presented flowers.

Then cheeses.

Then goats.

When the crops began to suffer, they offered infants.

And the gods—angered by people’s bloodthirsty greed—ate up the stars, plunging the village into darkness.


C.L. Sidell moderates two creative writing groups and also reviews books for FLYP.  Her work has appeared (or is forthcoming) in Triangle Writers, Horror, The Scribe, and 34 Orchard. She’s happiest reading, writing, and helping others—all of which she gets to do as a librarian and freelance editor. Website: crystalsidell.wixsite.com/mysite. Twitter: @CrystalSidell.