Coven Justice by S.E. Casey

Twelve arms, six mouths, and one torso. Moaning pathetically, the blonde and black-haired monstrosity struggled to the school’s front gate.

The confused abomination drew the class to the windows except one.

Shauna sulked at her desk. Her foolish infatuation. She shouldn’t have sexted Darren that picture.

Predictably, Darren forwarded it to Jason, who sent it to Mott, CJ, and the Mitchell twins.

It was all over school now.

However, they didn’t deserve to die. She understood. Boys being boys, locker room culture—typical male bonding.

Clutching her pentacle charm, still slightly warm, she smiled.

Now they would always be bound.


S.E. Casey grew up on the coast of Massachusetts near a lighthouse. As a child, he dreamed of smashing the lighthouse and building something grotesque with the rubble. This is the method for his weird stories appearing in many magazines, anthologies, and across the web. Webpage: Twitter: @thesecasey.