Dinner Plans by Colleen Anderson

The dragon clasped the maiden in its taloned paw and lifted her toward its head.

“Halt, ye scurrilous vermin!” A warrior in dented armor waved a lance from far below.

They looked down at the yelling knight. “Never fear, my lady! I shall save you!”

“As I was about to say,” grumbled the dragon. “Any dinner plans?”

The maiden smiled, and rubbed his snout. “What do you suggest?”

Sighing, the dragon cocked his head toward the yelling man.

The maiden laughed. “No thanks, I’ve had enough of ham to last me a lifetime.”

Off they flew, ignoring the warrior’s heroics.


Colleen Anderson has a BFA in writing and is a Canada Council and BC Arts Council recipient. Her fiction has appeared in numerous venues such as Polu Texni, The Future Fire, Thrilling Words, and The Pulp Horror Book of Phobias. She also edits anthologies, and is working on two collections of poetry and a novel. Website: www.colleenanderson.wordpress.com.