Keeping Up Appearances by Edward Lodi

“Straighten your tie,” Miranda said to Jason.

“For heaven’s sake,” Craig expostulated. “Do we have to keep up appearances while waiting for the police?”

“They always take pictures at the crime scene. We can at least look our best.”

“Does that matter? With Uncle Horace lying dead in the library?” Sharon wondered aloud.

“His face horribly contorted,” Barry observed, sounding glad.

“Apparently strangled.” Laura sounded even gladder.

“Strangled with what? There’s nothing around his neck,” observed Craig, the youngest of the cousins.

Laura shrugged. “We all hated him.”

“I think the police are here,” Miranda announced. “Jason! Straighten your tie.”


Edward Lodi has written more than 30 books, fiction and nonfiction, as well as a poetry chapbook. His short fiction and poetry have appeared in numerous publications, and in anthologies: Cemetery Dance, Main Street Rag, Rock Village Publishing, Superior Shores Press, Tell-Tale Press, and others. He lives in Massachusetts. Find him at