What to Say by Beth Morris Tanner

I never know what to say in these sorts of situations. “I’m sorry your…boy-thing left you?” “There are other cephalopods in the cosmos?”

There wasn’t really any way it was going to work out. Yes, you’d figured out how to manage the atmospheric differences, and the fact that he ate only live sea creatures was workable (sort of).

You’d even managed to introduce him? It? to Mom.

But the important detail about how his species breeds and then devours their mate? That hadn’t even occurred to you to find out?

Still, I’m glad we found out before the wedding.


Beth Morris Tanner is a writer, business process nerd, beer and whiskey geek, and she works in higher ed when not writing. She also putters in the kitchen and on the guitar, does some homebrewing, and reads a lot. She attended the Viable Paradise writing workshop in 2013 and is hard at work finishing her first ‘real’ novel. Website: https://btmusings.wordpress.com. Twitter: @bt_musings.