Reminiscences by Jim Horlock

I only ever get eight these days.

I swear I used to get ten. Memory ain’t what it was, but you remember that stuff. Like a sportsman recalling scores from his prime.

Arthritis is a bitch. That old pinch-n-twist is getting harder. Some guys are using tools now—bolt cutters. I’m a traditionalist.

Spit don’t numb like it did. Witch Doctor says it’s glandular. A lick around the feet used to remove all sensation.

The kid woke up with two to go. Big toes. Shame. Eight little piggies is still good eating.

But I swear I used to get ten.


Jim Horlock is a comic-book nerd, a serial dungeon master, and a horror fanatic. His favorite thing in the world is to write intense, disturbing scenes. Oh, and white chocolate. He lives in Cardiff, Wales and has never been convicted of any murders. Twitter: @HorlockWarlock. See also Jim’s Amazon Author Page.