Selected Publications

MagdaleneThe Molotov Cocktail: Flash Legend2019. (dark literary)

The Voids Underneath, The Molotov Cocktail,  2018. (dark surrealism)

Vanishing Before ImpactAsymmetry, 2018. (sci-fi)

Rimor Mortis, Ellipsis, 2019. (sci-fi)

Family Business, Coffin Bell, 2019. (horror)[explicit]

The Gold and Sand of Dhahab, Aphotic Realm, 2019. (horror)[explicit]

Mildew, The Whisper Place, 2018. (dark surrealism)

Her Hips Do LieJellyfish Review, 2018. (literary)

Buttons of Flesh and a Beautiful FishOcculum, 2018. (literary)(slipstream)

The Girl in Jake’s Red Hoodie, Ghost Parachute, 2018. (humor)[explicit]

The Used-Car Salesman’s Niece to Meet Swedish RoyaltyThe Dirty Pool, 2018. (humor)

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